Nyame Nti


Nyame Nti minnwe wura’, ‘By God’s grace, I will not eat leaves to survive.’

Our design is inspired by the Adinkra symbol Nyame Nti which means “By God’s Grace”. The symbol represents faith and trust in God. It is the first pendant of our Adinkra collection, designed to bring African wisdom to you, to inspire and empower.


Our chain and pendant are made with high-quality gold plated over 925 Sterling Silver making this necklace a durable high-quality piece of jewelry for everyday wear.


Adjustable chain 16 to 18 inch - The perfect length for any outfit.

Adjustable chain 18 to 20 inch - Perfect for layering along with your favorite necklaces.

Diameter: 16 mm.

Thickness: 1.3 mm.